Selling German Daggers in the U.K.

Selling German Daggers in the U.K.


We Are Have A Shop And Retail Warehouse Complex In Arundel West Sussex.

Meine Ehre heißt Treue Dagger

Meine Ehre heißt Treue Dagger


If you are looking to sell a German Dagger you may might wish to obtain our offer /free valuation report for individual items or militaria collections.


stocks of Genuine daggers

A valuation is based on the  scarcity of the model and it’s maker together with originality and condition .

Arundel West Sussex

As a rule an uncleaned dagger will command a greater value than one which has been cleaned.


Brodie helmet wanted

Enthusiasts who buy a German dagger which has an even patina  trust that it is original and that it has not been

“Put Together”.

Japanese Flag

As the stocks of Genuine daggers diminish,

“dealers” build daggers from a combination of original and reproduction components.


specialists in militaria

specialists in militaria

Such daggers are cleaned

evenly to create the appearance that they are original.

F.W. Holler

Our advice is not to clean war relics for the above reasons.

Once you have conducted your own research and established the likely value of your German Dagger you might wish to consider the following..

Valuation of Hitler Youth Knives

It is against the Law to supply blades to minors. Only by shipping /posting daggers to a V.A.T. registered address will most couriers take a blade. The Post Office may inquire as to the contents of your parcel if you answer a dagger .knife or similar they will not take it.

militaria valuation

We run a high street Militaria shop which takes delivery of German Daggers regularly ..

  If you reside in the home counties and you are considering selling a collection German daggers or any other Militaria we welcome a visit .