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At German Dagger

 We Are Engaged In The Acquisition Of  Museum Worthy Exhibits.

We Currently  Supply Museums , Academic Collectors , And Ethical Investment Groups.

By Dealing With Dedicated Professionals Your Items Are Destined To Form Part Of Balanced Educational Displays.

We Distance Ourselves Unreservedly From The Unregulated Online Trade

In Nazi Memorabilia.

By Dealing With German Dagger You Can Rest Assured That

Whilst Our Business Is Commercial 

Our Interest Is Solely In Preserving History.

 We Believe

That  People From All  Cultures,  Religions And Orientations Should Practise Tolerance Towards One Another . Humanity Must Learn To Coexist .

The Study Of History From All Periods Is Enhanced By The Existence Of Artifacts.

Genuine Third Reich Artifacts Are Evidence Of The Darkest of  Era’s, One Which Must Never Be Allowed To Return, Education Is ,We believe  Key To This Process.

The Responsible Collectors

Of The 21st Century Are Custodians Of Artifacts Which In Time Will Form Part Of  Public Museums Of The Future.


Examples of Nazi memorabilia including Uniform Insignia ,


Flags, Badges, items with Nazi emblems such as SS Daggers Nazi-era and other Nazi Medals


Legal restrictions

The sale of memorabilia was prohibited in some countries in Europe In the year 2000.

Nazi Medals

In France the Internet portal site Yahoo! was sued by the Union of Jewish Students and the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism  for “justifying war crimes and crimes against humanity”


by allowing such memorabilia to be sold via its auction pages.

Nazi memorabilia

Yahoo!’s response was to ban the sale of Nazi memorabilia through its website.

Wheatcroft Collection

In 2003, a court in Paris cleared Yahoo!.


 Ebay has guidelines regarding Nazi memorabilia; certain items are allowed, certain items are restricted and certain items are prohibited. Ebay followed the policies of Yahoo fearing equal litigation and has since banned the Nazi swastika on anything sold on their auction website save for coins, stamps, or printed period literature such as magazines, books, or pamphlets.

Military valuations

The effects of such policies is for the greater good , however  artefacts from the period retain their fascination .

u-boat dagger

The market in what devotees describe as “Historic Artifacts  has not gone underground,

it has simply moved beyond the random gaze of internet searchers. For the Innocent vendor such as the  Widow or family of  or a serviceman who’s  husbands or father proudly returned from the front with a pocket full of German Badges the option of selling at the correct market value still exists.

With the opportunities provided by a google image search it is possible to identify what one has .  Having established the description of an item by comparing captioned pictures next comes estimating the price. This is easy, as a genuine museum buyer or Militaria dealer should always offer you 70% of the selling price .

The dealer selling price is likely to be calculated as the list price less 10% .

In Short if you see an item identical to that which you wish to sell listed at $2000 the dealer might settle for $1800 you therefore should settle for an offer of no less than $1200