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German Daggers

Welcome to German Dagger

£43,000/$65,000 PAID FOR THE

Nazi Dagger Experts

Museum of Militaria

Museum of Militaria

German Dagger have been up and running in Arundel since 2008.

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                                                         the militaria dealers

We operate from a large nineteenth century high street store warehouse, one which stands beside the historic Arundel Castle a major tourist attraction in Sussex

price for german helmet


We buy frequently from collectors in the U.S.A. but our real passion is obtaining  souvenirs directly from the sons and daughters of WW2 veterans.

                                                                                            price of ww2 german

We are committed believers in client confidentiality and operate a zero spam policy .

 Payments are advanced using the “Paypal service” Our buying success rate of around  95-%  suggests that our offers are amongst the very highest .

Chicken wire helmet

Our  shipments sell in the stable European market place to mature collectors, academics and non political institutions.

By scouring the world we have been able to find exhibits suitable for military museums of all scales and supply them . Our militaria comes directly from the families of veterans past. The originality and authenticity of our stock is something we take pains to guarantee.

Our network of buyers pay above the recognized market value therefore we can offer private sellers by far the best prices . Museum of Militaria buyers will always pay more than the average home based web page dealers.

Our accountant Edward Symonds issues pre payment in full within moments of our offers being accepted


We believe we are well placed to pay more  than our  competitors when buying collections.

We have a loyal customer base one that was established even before the  the internet came into being.

Our visitors seem quite comfortable paying a premium for our “guaranteed original artifacts” Items that they can view and handel in a Museum style setting.

 All products are sold with  an unconditional money back guarantee.

Thousands of  Militaria websites crop up each year usually as a result of collectors wishing to dissolve their own collections .

The online selling market is becoming more competitive .

Our store is in itself  a tourist attraction. The more stock we acquire the better it is for us,  We frequently buy from other dealers !

If you are thinking of selling, give us the opportunity of  offering you the

best itemized or global offer for your collection.

Best Regards David Mattey

At  we believe that provenance is an important issue for collectors and Museums investing in German Daggers and other historic military artefacts .

investing in german daggers

Routinely we undertake in depth academic research before a German Dagger is offered to a collector or public institution for acquisition.

Antque militaria

This practice allows us to provide the most complete provenance possible enabling those investing in German Daggers to proceed with confidence.

investing in German Daggers

Our aim has always been to establish a reputation for providing detailed physical descriptions to those investing in German Daggers.

Antique militaria

Years of experience and consultation with colleagues who are authorities in their field allows us to provide documents of guaranteed authenticity .

Antique Militaria

We have been called upon by such establishments as Auction Houses  to provide them with our opinion and as much technical information as possible before they present an object for sale.

Antique Militaria

We work with investors to establish their collecting goals and discuss individual guidelines. In addition, we advise clients in the maintenance of their collections in regards to conservation matters, mounting, installation, and display.

Antique Militaria

For the above reasons our offerings are priced well above those seen for sale on the multitude of internet sites. The one stop service for those investing in German Daggers allows the judgement to fall at our feet thus saving time and dissapointments .                 RAF Life Vest

If you are selling items retrieved from the battlefields of Europe by family members at the end of the second world war we can and will pay you considerably more than internet speculators.


antique militaria

Because we are buying from your family history, genuine items that have not been contaminated by restoration by a succession of dealers and ill informed custodians. specialize in the buying of dress daggers and all other historic war souvenirs.

Most weapons and WW2 German memorabilia have been banned from the major internet auction sites.

You may be comforted to know that buy exclusively for a vetted circle of responsible academic collectors, museums and historians. never condones or promotes the Nazis or any other hate groups!

We believe that the preservation of objects (evidence) from this dark era only has validity within an educational context. buys directly from you, therefore you avoid letting auctioneers take a slice of the pie. considers that the open display of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection to be both irresponsible and offensive.

Our Payment Policy is straightforward:
You receive immediate payment for your items in full. We pay any duty on goods arriving from outside the Country.






Cultural Changes observed in the marketing of “Militaria”

The ease with which a professional website can now be built is revolutionizing the “Militaria” Industry.

Each day  “Collectors” realize their dreams by listing collections on their very own custom built websites.

What noticeable impact does this have?

 In many cases Militaria shows that were once a must for the collector are witnessing lower attendances :

                                                                                                                                      7x50 cxn

Getting people through the gates is not the just the problem. The truth is that buyers have invariably spent

their monthly collecting budget “online” from the comfort of their own homes on their P.C.s.

Shows may eventually serve just to display and promote web site businesses, rather like trade fairs in other industries do .

 We still have a generation or two of technophobic dealers and collectors who will insure that militaria shows limp on.. sell to a number of enthusiasts who do not own or have access to a computer .

So whilst the revolution is underway, traditional eye to eye trading continues at our store.

What can offer?

Collectors who reject the increases in auctioneers commission rates come to us to enjoy

the confidential disposal their collections.

Access to the internet is provided for vendors who visit our store so true market values can be easily established.

An average collection of  ten daggers can typically be sold to us at the correct trade price in just twenty minuets.

 German Dagger has embraced changes by liaising with  major ethical websites and undertaking much of their buying freeing them to focus on the marketing.

By investing in our own Museum displays our store now attracts thousands of visitors who are happy to pay a little more for our researched guaranteed original merchandise.  

If you are a postal customer and decide to sell to German dagger you will be selling to a vast Vat Registered store

situated beside one of the most visited of tourist attractions:

You will receive payment to your “Paypal” account to include all shipping expenses before you are expected to ship (Safe!):

You will receive the trade prices you have reached without dealing with multiple emails from a dozen virtual dealer

Please consider that unlike virtual market traders we are a long established traditional store reputation to protect and uphold.

We have a good general knowledge of all antique militaria and are willing to learn from you if you have specialized in obscure items.

Call today of email some group images of you collection and receive a deal that you will like.

The Trade In Nazi Artifacts .

The high values of Third Reich period “Miltaria” indicate that this market is strong.

Helmets frequently sell at four figure sums,as do U-Boat Binoculars.Daggers etc

As the generation of WW2 veterans passes both Axis and Allied Memorabilia are enjoying

a rise in values. Themed video games insure, Hollywood, The history channel and the ever expanding reenactment culture perpetuate interest in the subject.


The hanging of swastika flags in one provincial auction house in 2012 was ether, a

 failure of sensitivity on the part of the auctioneer or an ill judged strategy to attract free


Not surprisingly this and similar cases ferment debate over the morality the trade in

Militaria from mankind’s dark past.
A debate which has permeated into the House of commons with some members of

parliament calling for a ban.

Newspaper coverage of these events and the decision to publish pictures of the

Swastikas enabled a far greater audience to be reminded and offended ?

A code of practice could  be introduced for Auctioneers and dealers in Third

Reich “Militaria”

Most enthusiasts would welcome a ban on reproduction flags,Mugs and fantasy badges,

Items aimed at the impressionable teenage market.

Distinctions should however be made between the items that are likely to upset,offend or to promote racism.

And innocent items of combat paraphernalia that serve to fascinate students of history.

Our site is dedicated to the buying of Militaria from the period 1914 – 1945. Our Historic Museum style store displays an impressive stock of veteran acquired souvenirs. We are amongst the most popular of permanent destinations for museum buyers and collectors. We are sole buyers and suppliers to one museum in Normandy France. It seems fitting for items to returnto the theater they were plucked from and put back on display. Other customers include the most advancedcollectors as well as  a couple of approved ethical, academic web sites.War trophies were returned from the western front by my Grandfather William(Bill) Mattey.These together with the full disability Pension earned by my late father have fueled my interest.

Whilst combat paraphernalia is  unlikely to upset or offend. We unreservedly distance ourselves from the unregulated sale ofNazi artifacts and edged weapons online.Best regards David Mattey



Dear Visitor,

Welcome to German Dagger


My store hosts an ever changing display of “Militaria” . Artifacts from all nations, and all periods .

Our display is enjoyed by thousands of visitors  each year. Typically the now diminishing WW2 Veterans who attend are happy to share their own account of their time in the services.


The first floor of our former Victorian Warehouse has the feel of a Museum. Mahogany and oak cabinets brim with souvenirs brought home by soldiers from the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific .

I am keen to record and preserve when possible the circumstances of when and how artifacts were obtained.

I am motivated by the profits as professionals are.

I do however take a responsible stance on the handling of lethal weapons, and provide an ethical option for those disposing  of Third Reich items.

We  sell face to face. We would never supply weapons to juveniles or Third Reich items to any one other than, mature collectors ,Museums or vetted investment groups.

Best Regards

David Mattey


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