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Nazi Dagger Experts


£43,000/$65,000 PAID FOR THE ABOVE


At  we believe that provenance is an important issue for collectors and Museums investing in German Daggers and other historic military artefacts .

investing in german daggers


Routinely we undertake in depth academic research before a German Dagger is offered to a collector or public institution for acquisition.

Antque militaria

This practice allows us to provide the most complete provenance possible enabling those investing in German Daggers to proceed with confidence.

investing in German Daggers

Our aim has always been to establish a reputation for providing detailed physical descriptions to those investing in German Daggers.

Antique militaria

Years of experience and consultation with colleagues who are authorities in their field allows us to provide documents of guaranteed authenticity .

Antique Militaria

We have been called upon by such establishments as Auction Houses  to provide them with our opinion and as much technical information as possible before they present an object for sale.

Antique Militaria

We work with investors to establish their collecting goals and discuss individual guidelines.

nazi clasps

In addition, we advise clients in the maintenance of their collections in regards to conservation matters, mounting, installation, and display.

Antique Militaria

For the above reasons our offerings are priced well above those seen for sale on the multitude of internet sites.


The one stop service for those investing in German Daggers allows the judgement to fall at our feet thus saving time and dissapointments .                 RAF Life Vest

If you are selling items retrieved from the battlefields of Europe by family members at the end of the second world war we can and will pay you considerably more than internet speculators.


antique militaria

Because we are buying from your family history, genuine items that have not been contaminated by restoration by a succession of dealers and ill informed custodians.

Nazi specialize in the buying of dress daggers and all other historic war souvenirs.

Most weapons and WW2 German memorabilia have been banned from the major internet auction sites.

German Dagger makers

You may be comforted to know that buy exclusively for a vetted circle of responsible academic collectors, museums and historians. never condones or promotes the Nazis or any other hate groups!

We believe that the preservation of objects (evidence) from this dark era only has validity within an educational context.

IMG_3039[1] buys directly from you, therefore you avoid letting auctioneers take a slice of the pie.

RK considers that the open display of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection to be both irresponsible and offensive.

Our Payment Policy is straightforward:
You receive immediate payment for your items in full. We pay any duty on goods arriving from outside the Country.





Dagger Types


  Dagger     Types


   SA 1933 EM(Value Down)

Average condition U.S $550  U.K £375 Investment Grade examples up to $800 U.K. £580


   Teno EM                 Hewer Value

V.G. £1,475 $2000

Fine.£2000  $3000

 LUFTWAFFE         1937


Teno Officer +


SA Honor +




SA High Leader


Hunting Official –


SA Rohm EM –


Rifle Association


SA Rohm Chained


Hitler Youth Knife


feldenhaller +(Value Up)


Hitler Youth Leader


NSKK 1933 EM(Value Down)




NSKK 1936 Chained Dagger –


Land Customs +


NSKK High Leader +


Sea Customs +

£5,500 shown on the right hand side

SS 33 EM Dagger+


Water Protection


SS 1936 Chained Dagger


Imperial Navy


SS High Leader –



Up £950 $1600

SS Honor +


NPEA student


Luftwaffe 1(Value Hovering)


NPEA Leader


Luftwaffe 2 -(Value Down)


NPEA Chained


Navy 1




Navy 2(Value Down)


Postal protection-


Army Dagger -(Value Down)




Army Engraved Dagger +


DRK /Social Welfare Leader

£1,200 Shown on the left hand  side

DLV knife –


RLB EM 1st model


DLV/Luft1 transitional+


RLB EM 2nd model


NSFK knife


RLB Officer 1st model


NSFK Dagger




£225 $300 

1st Railway-



Government Official


2nd Railway –





h£6,000-£9000 Paid

Fire Official








(Established 2008)

Welcome to our website.

German Helmet is a purchasing department of,

“The Arundel Military Antiques Collection”

We are long term investors looking to expand our inventory.providing a first class service for those investing in German Daggers.

Genuine WW2 veterans and their
families are invited to
collect 30% above the best
price obtained from independant
Advertisers in the USA.

“The Arundel Military Antiques Collection”
Is always looking to buy.

We have operated as “Militaria Specialists” from our

prime location for twenty years .

Our collection  is enjoyed by

thousands of visitors each year.

  The collection is housed in a

nineteenth warehouse next to another major

tourist attraction.

We Issue Payments in advance  the money
will be shown in your “Paypal” today
(alternative payment  systems are avalable)

wheather you are now ready to sell or just require a free offer.

We invite you to email some images or a list, together with any questions .

If you have already obtained independent offers,

simply add 30 % to the highest bid to arrive at your price.

This we will pay in total for all required items!

Yours sincerely

David Mattey (Buyer)


Welcome to German Helmet
German Helmet is part of the buying stratergy of
“The Arundel Military Antiques Collection”
The collection is housed in museum cabinets in our high street store.
Admission is free of charge,all profits are derived from sale and exchange of exhibits.

Sellers to us from the U.S.A.Canada and Australia receive full payment in advance before they are required to ship items.
We are looking to buy Museum grade exhibits.
We pay a minimum of $1000 for grade A WW2 German Combat helmets.
We are currently Paying $3000+ for examples from the SS.
$7000 is now paid for German Paratrooper helmets.
Third Reich memorabilia is banned from sale on the major internet auction site Ebay.
 we never condone or promotes the Nazis or any other hate groups! We believe that the preservation of objects (evidence) from this dark era is only valid within an educational context. buys directly from Collectors, Veterans and their families who will avoid giving auctioneers a slice of the pie.
Do you have a WW2 Helmet that you are wishing to sell?
German buy WW2 helmets from every nation. If you would like a free valuation to find out what your helmet is  worth? We are happy to be of service.
Just fill out the form in the next collumm or send us an e-mail with a few photos of your WW2 Hemet to   we will tell you what the current value is and what a dealer a collector or a long term investment group are willing to pay you. We buy from  hundreds of dealers and collectors worldwide including the major advertisers on the internet today .Because we buy for long term investment groups the purchase price is less crytical for us. Before you accept what you are told is a ” fair price” for your Military Helmet obtain a second opinion, Whether selling one German Helmet or an entire collection of WW2 Military Collectibles, German helmets would like the opportunity to make you the most competative obligation free offer!. considers the open display of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection to be offensive.
Payment Policy
Sellers who have a “Paypal” account receive immediate pre-payment for the purchase of items. Additionally all shipping /postal costs are paid by us.If you would prefer to speak to us directly rather than to communicate via email we are quite happy to negotiate by telephone.Our office is open 10am-5pm GMT every day.0044 (0)7860747027.If you live within range please come and visit’s services are confidential.We are happy to make purchases regardless of distance for entire collections or single pieces.

We offer a legal selling option for those of you living within areas of the European Union where the open trading in such artefacts is forbidden.


Dear David,

Thank you for the payment. I am pleased that you liked the daggers. As for the trust, after our frequent emails I felt that you an honest man, and I see my opinion was well founded. Would you like to see photos of the swords and the Hitler Youth dagger?  Those and the other items I have mentioned before are still available. Sincerely, Jerry





Thank you for taking the time to learn what we can offer to you.

Unlike auctioneers and web based dealers we are not just wholesalers or middlemen.

We host a permanent military exhibition one which is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.

If we believe that an item or a collection will enhance our display we will pay accordingly.

We frequently outbid the collecting community to secure exhibits that attract and entertain visitors.

We are not always looking for a quick return on our invested money ours is a lifelong project.


David Mattey




Investing in German daggers




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How To Sell German Daggers  For The Correct Price?. Traditionally when dissolving a collection or selling off a surplus item you might would visit your local militaria show. German Dagger and Militaria Dealers with specialist knowledge in various areas might be given the opportunity of making offers resulting in the opportunity for the collector to sell. Today the German Dagger collector has access to prices via the internet so questions regarding the sale of militaria can be asked and answers found. Who is best approached when selling a...

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The existence of the specialist in most areas of collecting may be under attack . Traditionally the  German Dagger Specialists would be party to unique knowledge which would give them an edge over  fellow competitors. Additionally German Dagger Specialists  would have unique access to his own loyal group of enthusiastic collectors . In this fast access to information era the specialist must offer his customers a little extra to remain in business. As German dagger specialists we charge our customers a little more for items because they...

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. Here at German Dagger Buyers , we are dedicated  German Militaria  Enthusiasts who have turned our boyhood hobby into our living profession. If  you are looking to sell your German military antiques?  look no further! We believe you have arrived at right place! We have over 20 years of experience ensuring Veterans and their families obtain a fair price for all of their German military souvenirs. We buy every kind of foreign and domestic military item. including: German Daggers, German Medals, Helmets, Belt Buckles, Flags, Uniforms and...

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At German Dagger We Buy For Vetted Academic Collectors, Educational Facilities And Museums. All Enquiries Are Replied To Promptly Our Offeres/Valuations Are Free of Charge. We Are A Genuine Main Street Store Based Business Visited By Thousands !  We Are Sensitive To The Concerns Of Vendors Who Are Troubled By The Destination Of Their Items. We Entirely Distance Ourselves From Neo Political Groups . We Will And Have Advised Museums. Our Passions  Are The Preservation Of Military And Social History Whilst Earning Money By...

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Never Sell Militaria At Auction Again ! You Can Obtain A Guaranteed 25%-40% More by selling Directly To (“The team at German Dagger Buyers have been serving the collecting community for ten years“.) was set up in direct response to EBAY’s decision to ban the listing of WW2 German Militaria. German Dagger Buyers are a dedicated group of history enthusiasts with unlimited experience in the field of Third Reich period edged weapons . We aim to provide a prompt resolution to those wishing to...

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SA Daggers Formed in 1921, the Sturmabteilung (SA) or “Brown Shirts”, functioned as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). Comprised mostly out of WWI veterans and Freikorps (German volunteer military or paramilitary units), the SA’s main function was to provide protection at Nazi rallies and assemblies. The SA played a critical role in Hitler’s rise to power. The organization was co-founded by Adolf Hitler and Ernst Rohm, and was later put under Rohm’s leadership. In 1934, Hitler’s...

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The Saga of Murder, Inc. A German Propaganda Victory by Kenneth Daniel Williams – 351st Bomb Group During World War II, I was a bombardier with the 8th Air Force flying out of England.  I was shot down over Germany wearing a flight jacket with “Murder, Inc.” written on the back.  The Germans made much propaganda out of this.    At the request of a group in Holland, the “Bulletin 1939-1945, Airwar Study Group Holland”, I am wring down here the events that took place in relation to “Murder,...

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How The Militaria Market Works Selling at Auction? This is no longer a viable option for all but the deceased, infirm or those who are happy to see 45% of an item’s value lost in buyer and seller’s commission.   Selling to the trade. Whether you are buying or selling militaria, you will find it advantageous when negotiating with dealers to understand how things work behind the scenes.   One observation of the militaria marketplace, is that there is a  gulf between what the consumer expects from a “Militaria...

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