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Getting The Best Price For Nazi Militaria Can be Difficult For A Number Of Reasons . . Advertising anything which bears a swastika is banned from the listings on auction sites such as EBAY. In some countries the law states that daggers and knives may only be posted to business addresses and that buyers must...

Confidential Selling Of Militaria Collections .

Let Us Face Some Facts. For Every Innocent Militaria Collector There Are A Hundred Who Look Upon Their Collection Primarily As An Investment Portfolio.. Wives And Children Generally Have Little Or No Idea Just How Much Cash Is Represented By A Militaria Collection .. For this Reason German Dagger

Mehr Sein als Scheinen

BY CONTACTING GERMAN DAGGER BUYERS.COM  The National Political Educational Institute (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) was an SS-run organization created for the purpose of indoctrinating the future leadership of the Third Reich. A number of NPEA schools were set-up throughout Germany and many of its...

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Know The Law! Legally You Can Only Ship Swords To A Registered Business Address. Before Committing To The Sale Of A Sword Or Dagger Look For A Commercial Address And A V.A.T. Number . As A High Street Militaria Store Proprietor I Offer The Correct Recorded Prices For All Your German And Other Swords ....


ARUNDEL MILITARIA MUSEUM BUYERS. Welcome to German dagger Buyers.                                      We occupy a vast large store and connected warehouse in the High Street of The Sussex Castle town of Arundel. Militaria museum buyers Such as “The combined services museum” and “The...

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Welcome To German Dagger Welcome To German Dagger  Our Domains Include

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