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Ebay the major internet auction site has banned the listing of edged weapons and WW2 German memorabilia. always pay sellers the accepted market price in full .Our customers include museums and long term investors who pay us a premuim for our Money back Guaranteed exhibits.img_0641

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We publish a dagger valuation table and dagger recognition images, Setting the industry standard for transparent trading. never condones or promotes the Nazis or any other hate groups!

Deutsche Polizei

Deutsche Polizei

We believe that the preservation of objects (evidence) from this darkest era only holds validity within an educational context.
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Nazi Artifacts

Nazi Artifact

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We buy from literally hundreds of dealers and collectors worldwide including the major advertisers on the internet today .Because we buy for long term investment groups the purchase price is less crytical for us. Before you accept what you are told is a ” fair price” for your dagger obtain a second opinion, Max Show 2017 Whether selling one WW2 dagger or an entire collection of WW2 Military Collectibles, would like the opportunity to make you the most competitive offer. considers the open display of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection to be both irresponsible and offensive.
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Max Show 2025
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Mr David Mattey (buyer)
        What is an S.A.Dagger?
(Written by David Mattey 27.4.12) Max Show 2017
      The S.A. Dagger was worn as a symbol of                                       authority by members of Hitler’s Sturmabteilung
(SA)(Storm Detachment)      
A thuggish street army first raised in 1921 to fight communist party supporters during political demonstrations. The S.A. or “Brown Shirts” grew to a membership of 3,000,000 men by the late 1930’s. Huge quantities of daggers were produced to accommodate this political army and in so doing revitalised the ancient blade industry of Solingen. The weapon takes the form of a Gothic dagger similar in design to one featured in a painting by Hans Holbein. These “Holbein Daggers” were initially produced with hand-fitted nickel mounts and exotic fruitwood grips The steel scabbards. had a lacquered brown anodized finish, The blade was etched with the SA motto, Alles für Deutschland. Examples made prior to 1935 were stamped with the German sector of the SA group on reverse lower crossguard. Later examples underwent standardization through the RZM ministry. These pieces were produced utilising cheaper plated zinc-based  fittings and scabbards were brown spray painted. Non Ferrous metals were reserved for the armaments build up. Prior to his “unmasking” as a traitor?, Ernst Röhm was the leader of the SA. In 1934, he distributed approximately 100,000 SA daggers with his personal inscription on the reverse blade (Interestingly SS Daggers with the same inscription were issued). These daggers were to honor individuals who had served with the SA prior to December, 1931. Other than the inscription, these pieces were identical to the standard M 1933 SA dagger. After the Röhm purge an order to remove all inscriptions that bore his name was given. Many examples were returned to the factory for grinding. Others had the defecation erased  in the field by whatever means were available. Examples will occasionally be encountered with remnants of the original inscription on the blade. Some blades exist with an intact inscription, reflecting only the removal of the Röhm signature. Very rarely is an example seen with a full, untouched inscription, as the holder would have risked a charge of treason.
Background information
Max Show 2017
on the German Army (Heer) Dagger
(Written by David Mattey) 
 The German army dagger came into being in 1935. It was an element of dress that enabled rank to be identified and was less cumbersome to wear than swords which became confined  to wear on state occasions or on the parade ground. The design, as with many daggers of the period was by Paul Casburg .

Army Dagger Grips
The grip took a tubular form having consentric spiral grooves lacking the adornment of grip wire to be seen on other models. The early grips were molded in solid polymer compounds in various colours. Ivory grips were avaliable at extra cost. By 1939 production tecniques changed .Grips were cast in plaster over a wood former then dipped in “Trollon” to achieve a
White plastic coated finnish
Army Dagger Cross Guard & Pommel
Initially crossguards were cast from brass, skilfilly chisled, silver plated ,toned,polished then lacquered. Over time these later gave way to cheaply produced castings culminating in the use of a dull grey zinc.
The obverse cross guard design depicted an eagle with outstreached wings holding a swastica within a wreath.The pommel which also acted as the sucuring nut tapererd from the top downward decorated all the way around with upstanding oak leaves rising from the grip to the pommel top.
Army Dagger Blades
The Army dagger blades were generally plain in design and around 26 cm in length. Some manufacturers plated blades however they are more frequently encountered with a horisontal “Cross Grain” Finnish. Etched presentation blades as well as Damascus steel examples are not unknown however such exotica should be veiwed with caution by todays collectors.
Army Dagger Scabbards Max Show 2017
The first 1935 Army dagger’s had heavy silver plating applied to the”pebble” decorated brass scabbard shells .From 1936 scabbards were produced in steel some with a nickle finish and late issues with the gray oxide finish.Fitted to the scabbard were two hanger suspension rings with oak leaf patterns onto which the hanging straps was clipped.
Hanging Straps & Knot Max Show 2017
Army Daggers were worn suspended on two hanger straps, united by a belt clip at the top. The silver braid faced straps were backed with field grey velvet . Oval buckles with oak leaf patterns and matching silvered slides.
A Silver 42-43 cm Knot or Portapee was worn tied around the dagger grip .
Army dagger production had ceased by mid 1943.
Notes on The First Model Luftwaffe Dagger
(Written By David Mattey)
Adopted in 1935 the wearing of the first pattern Luftwaffe Dagger was initially confined to pilot officers. Regulations were relaxed allowing n.c.o.s and higher ranks from all branches ot the service to wear the model.  Manufacturers include Weyersburg, Alcoso, WKC, Klaas, EP&S, Herder, SMF, Tiger, Puma, Eickhorn,Gebr Heller, and Clemens & Jung. .
The fittings found on early models are of silver plated cast nickel with bronze swastica roundel inserts
Mid period m
odels are found with zinc cast fittings and steel scabbard mounts
.later production fittings were fashioned in aluminum. perhaps to reflect the spirit of aircraft production? Some makers. Genuine examples that mix chains and fittings from different periods do exist.
Blades were usually plain in design with a silver plated finnish..These  can be found with of without a trade mark Etched examples should be viewed with great caution.  ,.The Scabbard shell was constructed of pressed steel with a fine blue Morocco leather covering. The spiral knopped grips were covered to match then adorned with twisted wires of various metal types.
The overall length is 48cm (18.9 inches).(First production scabbards have no shell and are characterised by wide staples securing the mounts.Makers found with D.L.V. type scabbards include Carl Eickhon and Gabriel Heller.
A brief history of the R.A.D.Hewer
(Written By David Mattey)Instituted in1934 the R.A.D.Hewer was robustly crafted to serve as both a working hatchet and to be worn as an emblem of authority on formal occasions. Paul Casburg based his design for the hewer on an antique woodman’s hatchet.These Antler griped Hewers measured forty cms overall .They had carbon steel blades etched with the RAD moto”Arbeit Adelt”  (“Work Ennobles”) The scabbards were steel shells mounted with silvered nickel then later steel and alloy fittings. Celtic knot designs and a swastika within a spade flanked by ears of corn were impressed into the fittings. Fittings to the scabbard were toned with black shellac,oil glaze or cellulose paint ,polished back, then lacquered to achieve an antique look.The antler grip plates on early production Hewers retain the raw texture whilst later examples tend to have a smoother finish. A Scarce variation is the “Full Stag” in this early variation of the Hewer the handle lacks the metal ends to the pommel. They are instead covered by Antler. The Hewer was affixed to the enlisted man’s belt by a large leather hanger, variations of hangers exist as well as non regulation examples.Hewers were locally issued at Labour Corps battalion bases and were not available for private purchase .The RAD’s triangular proof mark is seen above the makers mark on hewers produced before 1936 production of the Hewer had finished by late 1942.Known Makers of the Rad Hewer. Include Carl Eickhorn. Boker.,Gottlieb Hammesfahr.W.K.C., Axt und Hauer fabrick.,Paul Weyersberg & Co.,Carl Julius Krebbs.Tiger. and Pumawerk,
Dagger Types
  Dagger     Types
   SA 1933 EM(Value Down)
Average condition U.S $550  U.K £375 Investment Grade examples up to $800 U.K. £580
   Teno EM                 Hewer Value
V.G. £1,475 $2000
Fine.£2000  $3000
 LUFTWAFFE         1937
Teno Officer +
SA Honor +
SA High Leader
Hunting Official –
SA Rohm EM –
Rifle Association
SA Rohm Chained
Hitler Youth Knife
feldenhaller +(Value Up)
Hitler Youth Leader
NSKK 1933 EM(Value Down)
NSKK 1936 Chained Dagger –
Land Customs +
NSKK High Leader +
Sea Customs +
£5,500 shown on the right hand side
SS 33 EM Dagger+
Water Protection
SS 1936 Chained Dagger
Imperial Navy
SS High Leader –
Up £950 $1600
SS Honor +
NPEA student
Luftwaffe 1(Value Hovering)
NPEA Leader
Luftwaffe 2 -(Value Down)
NPEA Chained
Navy 1
Navy 2(Value Down)
Postal protection-
Army Dagger -(Value Down)
Army Engraved Dagger +
DRK /Social Welfare Leader
£1,200 Shown on the left hand  side
DLV knife –
RLB EM 1st model
DLV/Luft1 transitional+
RLB EM 2nd model
NSFK knife
RLB Officer 1st model
NSFK Dagger
£225 $300 
1st Railway-
Government Official
2nd Railway –
Diplomatic Officer
£6,000-£9000 Paid
Fire Official
Additional images upon application from Bone fide
Museums and G.D.B. registered collectors.
This Has Now Been Sold
The 2112 Price Guide To German Daggers
  The prices below pre paid during 2012 for examples suitable for museum collections.
 1933 & 1936 SS daggers 
U.S.        $3500-$7000U.K.        £2500-£5000 
NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps) daggers 1933 & 1936 Models
U.S.         $500-$4000U.K.         £280-£3000
NPEA (National Political
Educational Institute) daggers
U.S.         $3000-$6000U.K.         £2000-$4000
1933 SA (Storm Troops) daggers
U.S.         $280 -$750U.K.          £250-£600 
Heer (German Army)
Officer daggers
U.S.         $250-$700U.K.         £180-£600
DLV (German Air Sports Formation) Flyers Knives
U.S.         $700-$900U.K.         £450-£650
NSFK (National Socialist Flying Corps) Flyers knives
U.S          $700-$900U.K.        £450 -£650
Luftwaffe (German Airforce) daggers and Gravity Knives
U.S.         $300-$875U.K.         $180-$675
German Navy daggers
U.S.         $300-$700U.K.         £280-£800
RAD (Reichs Labor Service) daggers
U.S.       $600-$1100
U.K.     £480 – £1700
Official daggers
U.S.       $6000-$9000U.K.     £4000- £6500 
Red Cross/Social/Welfare
Official daggers
U.S.     $400-$1200U.K.     £300-£900 
German Fire Official daggers,Saw Back adds 30%
U.S.      $100 -$200U.K.       £75-£160
RLB (Reichs Air Protection Federation) daggers
U.S.     $1600-$2600U.K.   £700 -£2000
TENO (Technical Emergency Corps) daggers
U.S.     $3400-$6000U.K.    £2000 – £5000
German Custom Official daggers
U.S.     $2200-$5000U.K.     £1600-£7000
German Railway Official daggers
U.S.     $3500-$4500U.K.     £2800-£4700
(Postal officials daggers)
U.S.      $4000-$6000U.K.     £2200-£4000
Forestry, Hunting, and Rifle Association daggers
U.S.     $1200-$1800U.K.     £700-£1200 
HJ (Hitler Youth)/DJ
(German Youth)
U.S.       $150-$550U.K        £100-£325
£4000/$6000 for Leaders
If You wish to sell any of the above, contact us
Or telephone Our High Street Shop on 01903-884602
Fire Official


The items listed below illustrate the diversity of our buying interests.
Pistol Glock Model 17,The Max Extraviganzer Max Show 2017 9mm,value/price in Box w/The war and peace show 2013 2 High Capacity Mags. Deactivated- Czech CZ-27, 380acp, Nazi Marked – value/priceSauer & Sohn Mod 38H, 380acp-value/pricevalue/price Deactivated Colt Pocket Model 25acp w/ 2-Tone Mag.War & Peace Show 2013 Max Show 2017 -value/price Deactivated Colt Official Police Model,The War And Peace Show 2013 38 Spl, 5” Barrel value/price-Deactivated Browning Model 1922, 380acp -value/price Deactivated S&W Hwy Patrolman Model, 357mag, Model 28-2, 3” Barrel, WaRear Sites -value/price Deactivated Walther P38/HP Model, The war and peace show 20139mm  – Czech CZ-50, 32cal – Chinese Model 59 Makarov  Deactivated WW2 Polish Radom, 9mm, Nazi Marked, Matching #’s value/price- WW2 Polish Radom, 9mm, w/ Stock Slotvalue/price, The war and peace show 2013The Militaria DealersMatching #’sAce Militaria Dealer – Deactivated Czech CZ-52, 7.62x25cal – Deactivated Colt Detective value/price“Snubnose” Revolver, 38 Spl – Maverick Firearms Model J8, 9mm,value/price No Clip – Deactivated WW2 Hungarian Femaru, value/price380acp-Deactivated Savage value/priceModel The war and peace show 20131905, 32acp value/price- Sauer & Sohn 32acp – American Arms PX 25 Auto – Deactivated WW2 The war and peace show 2013Japanese Type 94 Pistol, 8mm Jap Nambu -Deactivated Walther PPK 380acp w/ 2Mags., Cleaning Rod & Manual NIB – The war and peace show 2013Deactivated Czech CZ-52, 7.62×25 w/ 9mm Conv. Barrel – w/ Scabbard -value/price US M-6 w/ Scabbard – US M-7 w/ value/priceWest value/priceGerman Made Scabbard -value/price WW2 US M-1 Garand, value/priceAmerica Fork & Hoe Mfg. w/ Scabbard -value/price WW2 US M-4, Utica Mfg.value/price w/ Leather Grips – WW2 Polish Mauser w/ Scabbard – WW2 British Commando Knife – Case XX Apache Knife, 5” Blade w/ Orig. Leather Scabbard – The war and peace show 2013Patent Saber Springfield Arsenal Marked 1913 w/ Scabbard – US Civil War Officers Sword M-1858 w/ Scabbard – East German Parade Sword w/ Scabbard – WW2 Japanese Police Sword w/ Leather Scabbard & Rayskin Grips -The war and peace show 2013 German 1895 Butcher Blade Bayonet w/ Scabbard – WW2 USN Mk-1 Bayonet Scabbard 16” – WW2 Japanese Bayonet Scabbard – WW1 US M1917 value/priceBayonet Scabbard WW2 German Trip Grenade De-Milled Inert – Reproduction Officers Sword 1902- – US Camillus Knife 1970 -value/price Acorn Style The war and peace show 2013Portepee for German Sword WWII: US HBT (Herringbone Twill) Shirts – US M-43 Field Jackets MINT Condition – US M-43 Field Jacket – US Army Wool Short Coat Dated 1945 – US Navy Windbreaker Jacket Marked USN – US Army Officer Dress Jackets w/ Belts(2) – US Army Dress Jacket Dated 1940 – Class A Dress Uniform w/ Army Air Corp Patch – M-41 Parsons Field Jacket(2) – Style Officers Trench Coat – Ike Jacket Dated 1942 – Officers Short Coat w/Captain Bars Insignia – Mackinawvalue/price Overcoat – US Army Parka- value/priceReversible Dated 1944 value/priceUS M-1943 Field Jacket value/price- Chindit Blouse -value/price Assorted US Army Shirts & value/priceTrousers, Some w/ Patches -value/price US Army Ike Jacket w/ Pins& Badges -value/price US HBT Trousers w/ 13 Star Metal Buttons Other: British Army Overcoat Parachute Regiment Patch Dated 1952 – British Army Parachutist Jacket Dated 1947 – US Vietnam Era Angle Pocket
WW1 Doughboy Helmet w/ WW2 Rebuild 1940 Liner – WW2 German Army Helmet W/ Orig. Liner M-35 – WW1 German M-1916 Helmet w/ Sniper Plate Bolts w/ Orig. Liner & Band – WW2 Spanish “Falcon ReDeactivated Norinco Model 54, 7.65×25 in box -Deactivated Rugervalue/price P85Deactivated, 9mm w/  Mags. in Box – The war and peace show 2013value/priceEast German Deactivated Makarov 9x18value/price -Deactivated Mab Model D, 32acp value/price-Deactivated Walther Model 9, 32acp – value/priceH&K GM8, 9mm w/ No Mags. – Deactivated Husqvarna 9mm – Deactivated Czech CZ Model 3, 380acp -The war and peace show 2013 Deactivated Sig Sauer Model P225, 9mm w/ Mags. in Box – Long Guns: Deactivated WW2 US M-1 Carbine, Saginaw Mfg.,The war and peace show 2013 1943 Barrel, Deactivated Non-Import Marked – value/priceCharter Arms AR-7 Explorer, ORIGvalue/price. – Rem. Model 11, 12ga. –value/price Win.The war and peace show 2013 Model 12, 12ga, pump, 2 ¾ chamber -value/price Deactivated Swedish Mauser, 6.5swed, Micrometer Cite, Import Mark Accessories: The war and peace show 2013WW2 US Pistol Holster Boyt 1944 -value/price Deactivated WW2 British Webley Pistol Holster dated 1943 -value/price WW1 US Flair Pistol Holster 1917 & 1918 -value/price WW2 Pistol Holster w/ The war and peace show 2013Belt 1942 -value/price WW2 US Pistol The war and peace show 2013Holster Boyt 1944 -value/price Swedish Lahti Pistol Holster – The war and peace show 2013WW1 Leather British Webley Pistol Holster – WW2 British Pistol Holster Dated 1944 – US M-1905 WW1 Pistol Holsters 1917 & 1918 – WW2 Sears US Pistol  Pistol Parts – Asst. Colt Pistol Parts & Grips – Walther P-38 Pistol Grips –value/price Luger Pistol Grips, Wood –value/price Colt SuperThe war and peace show 2013 38 Auto Pistol Barrels– value/priceWW1 US Revolver Ammo Pouch 1918 -value/price Winchester 1907 Mag. 351 Cal 10 Rounds ORIG. – US GI M-14 Mags.value/price ORIG. 20 Rounds – value/priceAsst. Machine Gun Strips & Riffle Stripper Clips – Asst. value/pricePistol Parts & Grips (Colt, Browning, etc) -value/price Rifle Carrier for Airborne WW2 German Hitler Youth Knife w/ Scabbard 1941value/price – 1917 WW1 US M1905 Springfield w/The war and peace show 2013 WW2 Scabbard -value/price WW1 US M1917 w/ Scabbard, Remington Mfg. -value/price US M-5 giment” Helmet w/ Liner – Canadian Paratrooper Helmet – WW2 German M-42 Army Helmet w/Liner, Orig. Paint & Insignia, No Chin Strap – WW2 US Army M-1 Helmet w/ Front Seam, Orig. Chin Strap, Late War Liner – US Army M-1 Helmet Vietnam Era w/ Back Seam & Very Nice Liner, w/ Paratrooper Rig In Liner – US GI Helmet Liners – WW2 Bulgarian Helmet – British Dispatch Rider’s Helmet, new issue – Air Crew Helmet w/ value/priceMicrophone & Headset1969 – WW2 US Army Air Force Flight Helmet Type A-11 – Modern US Army Helmet Kevlar- US Army Vietnam Era Helmet w/ Liner – British Army Paratrooper Helmet 1955 – French Army Paratrooper Helmet Circa 1980s – British Mark 2 Army Helmet value/price- US Army Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) Helmet w/ Headset – WW2 Italian M-35 w/ No Badge – US Vietnam Era Helmet w/ Liner – NVA North Vietnamese Army Pith Helmet
German Officers Hat – WW2 Canadian Beret 1945 – WW2 British Army Garrison Cap 1941  – US M-51 Field Cap – WW2 Garrison Caps Infantry & Medical – British Glenn Garren Beret 1954(2) – WW1 US Army Garrison Cap w/ Badge – WW1 US Army Service Cap w/ Badge – French Garrison Caps Navy – Spanish Garrison Cap w/ Chin Strap – US Army Garrison Cap w/ Glider Patches – WW2 British Garrison Cap w/ Badge Artillery – WW2 British Garrison Cap w/ Badge 80th Kings Rifles, Bouillon – WW2 British Garrison Cap Winter Issue 9th Fusiliers – WW2 French Garrison Cap w/ Bouillon Patch – WW2 Italian Garrison Cap w/ Tassel – WW2 Russian Army Garrison Cap w/ Early Enameled Badge – value/priceUS Military Issue Pith Helmet – value/priceWW2 US Army Garrison Caps, Officers Issue –  US WW2 Garrison Caps – WW1 US Dungaree Hat 1918 w/ Orig. Tags, Berets (British, French, Canadian, Russian, 1950s-1980s) – US Assorted Hats – WW2 Field Cap 1937, – Czech Army Officers Hat  German Army Hat – 1960s & 1970s Military Dress Hats – value/priceWW2 Russian Schlem 1917-1943 – value/priceSoviet Army Officers Hat w/ Badge – Swedish Army Field Caps – value/priceAustrian Army Winter Issue Field Caps – value/priceWW2 US HBT Hats 1942 – WW2 US Army Enlisted Mans Hat, MINTvalue/price German Winter Fur Hats w/ Badge-The war and peace show 2013 Swedish Army Enlisted Mans Winter Hats- Australian Army Enlisted Mans Hat – French Foreign Legend Kepi – Australian Army Safari Hat w/ Badge – value/priceSwedish Army Sheepskin Hats 1 w/ Badge – US Army Drill Instructors Hat w/ Badge The war and peace show 2013- British Royal Marines Dress Hat Dated 1958 – value/price1960s US Army Enlisted Mans Dress Caps  – US Army Dress White Hat – US Army Pill Box Style w/ Captains Insignia – Moroccan Fez – value/priceUS Military Academy Hat – West Point Cadet Dress Hat – WW2 US Repo Officer Hats – Repo Air Crew Hat Leather & Fleece Lined – Drill Instructors Hat w/ Badge and Box 7th Calvary, Repo – Kemper Military Dress Para
value/pricePurple Hearts – Silver Star – King Georges – France\Germany Star – WWII British Defense -value/price WW2 Patches (Orig.): Tank Destroyers – 104th Inf. Div. – 11th Air Borne Div. – Numerous Army Air Core -value/price Glider Patches – US Army Pinwheel Patch – Chevrons – Pips – Airborne Wingsvalue/price – WWII British 2nd Para Regiment – RAF Chest Patches – SAS – Cold Stream Guards – Numerous Post WW2 Mixed Unit – Bulk Bouillon European Patches – Pins: WWII Glider Pilot Wings Sterling – Combat Infantry Badge- Sterling – Russian Cap Badge – value/priceUS Master Jump Wings Pin Back-Sterling – value/priceCanadian Parachute Corp – WW2 Wings – WW1 Collar Disks – value/priceWW2 Collar Disks – WW2 Sterling Captain Bars- Single – value/priceWW2 US Army Air Corp Liaison Pilot Pin,value/price Sterling – WW2 US Army Air Corp Glider Pilot Pin, value/priceSterling, WW2 Glider Pilot Wings, WW1 German Iron Crosses, WW2 Army Tank Company, 11th Hussars Pin Lot, WW1 Individual Dog Tags,value/price WW2 US Navy Dog Tag Sets,value/price WW2 US Army Air Forces Wings, Gunner Sterling, value/priceWW2 US Army Air Forces Wings, Bombardier Sterling – Royal Guard Regiments – Southern Rhodesia Cap Badge 1941 – WW1 & WW2 British Rank Pips – US Indian Wars Calvary Cap Badge – US Calvary Horse Rosette 1903 – WWII U.S. Army Air Corp Glider Pilot- WWII US Army Air Corp Liaison Pilot -value/price 6th Gurkha Regiment – CSA Veterans Assoc. – Numerous Domestic & Foreign Pins – Kemper Military Pins, Patches – Cap Badges: WWI British Welsh Inf. – WWII Royal Dragoons – WWI British Machine Gun Regiment – WWII Order of the Thistle Scottish Black Watch – Free Polish Forces -value/price WWI Royal Tank Corp. -value/price WWII British Glider Regiment – WWII Royal Air Force -value/price WWII British Commando Regiment – WWII SAS British Commandoes – WWII Royal Guard Regiment – WWI Kings Rifles – WWII Kings Rifles – value/priceWWI Royal Air Corp. value/price- French Vietnam Service Award -value/price WWII Soviet Army – value/priceWWII Royal Artillery Crop – value/priceWWII Yeoman
M-1874 Canteen w/ Cork 1904 (marked RIA) – WW2 British Canteen dated 1935 – Swish Leather Ammo Pouches – US M-1871value/price Canteen Cover 1906, Unused – WW2 British Binocularsvalue/price 6 X 30 Made in USA for Britain w/ Orig. Case – WW1 MO Inf. Cert. of Service 1917 -value/price US & British Military Spats -value/price US Pattern 1905 Ammo Belt w/ 2pc. Mills Brass Buckle 1905 – WW1 US Rifle Slings1914 – WW2 US Cartridge Belt 1943 USMC – WW2 Pistol Belt w/ Rig & Holster, Ammo Pouch & Suspenders value/price- WW1 US Ammo Pouches 1918 -value/price WW2 US Rain Hood 1943 – WW2 US M-1943 Suspenders 1944 value/price- WW2 US Canteens w/ Covers WW2 US Leggings – WW1 US Rifle Slings 1914 WW2 US Thompson Sub-Machine Gun Pouch USMC 1944 – WW2 US Cartridge Belt 1943 – WW2 US Map Case 1945 – WW1 US Clip Pouch 1918 – WW2 US Cartridge Belt USMC 1944 – US 1881 Anson Mills Belt Buckles H Style – US Military Brass Whistle – WW2 British Dog Tags – East German Army Shoulder Boards – WW2 German Identity Disks Match Set, Orig. – West German Gauntlet Pair – Leathvalue/priceer Ammo Pouch 1910 – WW2 US M-1 Carbine Stock Pouch WW2 US Shovel w/ Cover – WW2 US .5cal Ammo Can – British Army Arm Band (Advance Party) – Pair NVA Belts w/ Buckles – MO 101st Airborne Assoc.