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WW2 Dealers

Ebay’s Ban On The Selling Of NAZI. Militaria Is A Decision We Respect.

We have the time and know-how to buy your genuine Nazi items on the understanding that they will only be passed on to legitimate academic study groups and not fall into the wrong hands.

Nazi Helmet Value

Ebay Have for good reason banned the listing and sale of weapons from their auction site

a ban which has been extended to Nazi memorabilia ..Our website agrees with these policies and we would not wish to list or sell

potentially lethal weapons online for fear of them falling into the wrong hands.

.One intelegent counter argument I know off  is that the determined murderer

might use a domestic kitchen utensil to enact a crime rather than spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a historic example.

I avoid the K—- word because I believe google’s search engine robots blacklist websites with content dominated with words or phrases

which include the K—- word.

It seems likely that antique arms and armour have been collected since time began ? Brave combatants collected souvenirs from the battlefield as part of the victory ritual .