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http://www.germandaggerbuyers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/WW2-Buyer.com_Medium.mp4 WARNING    2018 LEGISLATION STATES THAT SENDING DAGGERS TO ANYTHING OTHER THAN A BUSINESS ADDRESS IS AGAINST POSTAL SERVICE GUIDELINES AND MAY RESULT IN PROSECUTION. Free Valuations Given For All Your Polish...

German Daggers Wanted Kriegsmarine Daggers By P.D. LUNESCHLOSS, SOLINGEN trade mark in double oval with stylized sword, swastika pommel and fouled anchor cross guard. Plated double-etched blades,having fouled anchor or sailing ship motifs . Gilded brass lightning pattern or hammered scabbards Paying $1000 for good examples;

Welcome to German Daggers a webpage of germandaggerbuyers.com At German Dagger Buyers.com  We Are Engaged In The Acquisition Of  Museum Worthy Exhibits. We Currently  Supply Museums , Academic Collectors , And Ethical Investment Groups. By Dealing With Dedicated Professionals Your Items...

Prices German daggers Welcome To German Dagger Buyers.com Prices German daggers buyers We aim to provide one of the very few ethical outlets for Nazi Memorabilia on the internet. We refuse to sell on line. We supply legitimate museum collections. We despise Antisemitism. German Dagger condition We only require genuine WW1 and WW2 relics collected and bought home by U.S. and commonwealth Service personnel. We are never knowingly outbid on items we require. DAVID MATTEY IS ON-LINE TO ANSWER INQUIRIES AND MAKE OFFERS WITHOUT OBLIGATION. “OUR STORE CARRIES A LARGE VARIED STOCK FROM ALL NATIONS AND ALL PERIODS”. German Dagger Buyers pay in advance using the “Paypal”service. Sellers will not be required to ship items until full payment is shown to have been deposited in their ”Paypal”Account Nazi Dagger valuation chart Customers can expect to achieve around 70% of the list Prices seen on specialist websites for equivalent items. The selling process is immediate. German Dagger Buyers cover shipping costs. Consigned collections and special items will achieve a greater return figure for sellers, potentially 80%-90% of dealers listed prices

  Welcome To German Dagger Buyers.com   We aim to provide one of the very few ethical outlets for Nazi Memorabilia on the internet.   £43,000/$65,000 PAID FOR THE ABOVE NAZI DAGGER  We do not sell on line. We supply legitimate museum collections. We despise anti Semitism. We only...


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