Militaria Valuations

Getting The Best Price For Nazi Militaria Can be Difficult For A Number Of Reasons .

. Advertising anything which bears a swastika is banned from the listings on auction sites such as EBAY. In some countries the law states that daggers and knives may only be posted to business addresses and that buyers must prove themselves to be more than 18 years of age .
 The best choice open to those wishing to sell is to contact a reputable dealer.. German dagger operates from a key high street position in a busy tourist destination. Unlike all the online dealers we retail items .Our customers pay a little more for all our guaranteed original Militaria…

David Mattey of German Dagger Has bought and sold thousands of different items of militaria over the years covering all imaginable periods, nationalities and conflicts. David Is always pleased to provide his opinions on originality. Helmets , Uniforms, and Badges are among items widely faked or “Restored” To learn more about what you possess please email . or telephone +447860747027          all Offers/valuations are provided free of charge