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Third Reich Luftwaffe Awards & Badges , Luftwaffe Badges , A Luftwaffe Air Gunner Badge; Cloth Version,The Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge ,An Early Luftwaffe Flak Badge ,

An Early Cased Paratroopers Badge,Luftwaffe Flak Badge,A Luftwaffe Heimat und Alarm Flakartillerie Stickpin,

A Late War Luftwaffe Flak Badge, A Luftwaffe Air Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge , A Luftwaffe Observers Badge by P.Meybauer, Berlin , Ground Assault Badge, Ground Assault Badge, An Officer’s Bullion Combined Pilot’s & Observers Badge ,

An Early War Luftwaffe Flak Badge in Tombac , A Luftwaffe Flak Badge by Brehmer,Luftwaffe Flak Badge – Juncker,Ground Assault Badge ,Combined Pilot’s/Observers Badge –,

A Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Badge by Gebrder Wegerhof, Ldenscheid, The Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge by C.E. Juncker, Berlin, A Luftwaffe Observers Badge by Assmannn ,

Paratroop Badge,Paratroop Badge ,Case for Observers Badge , Case for Observers Badge , Observers Badge, Pilot’s Badge Juncker ,

The Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge, Combined Pilot’s/Observers Badge,The Glider Pilot Badge Rare Large Eagle, A Pilot’s Badge by Juncker, Combined Pilots and Observers Badge , Pilot’s Badge – B & N L , Pilot’s Badge – BSW ,

Add to Compare Cased Pilot’s Badge – Juncker , Austrian Made Pilot’s Badge by Brüder Schneider, An Early War Luftwaffe Observer’s Badge by C.E.Juncker,


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 A Silver Grade Wound Badge By Funke & Brüninghaus, Lüdenscheid

Paying £40

Germany, Third Reich. A German-Italian Campaign Medal 

Paying £50


Germany. A War Merit Cross Second Class With Swords By A. Scholze Of Grünwald 

 Paying £20

Germany, Wehrmacht. An Occupation Of Paris Commemorative Ring 

 Paying £30

Germany, NSKK.  National Socialist Motor Corps (NSKK) District Austria Insignia  

Paying £15  

Germany, Third Reich. A Cased Gold Grade Cross Of Honour Of The German Mother By Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid  

 Paying £60

Germany, Third Reich.

A Cased Gold Grade Cross of Honour of the German Mother

by Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid

 Paying £60

Germany, HJ. A Hochland Training Camp Badge  


Paying  £145


Germany, Third Reich. A 1935 Chamber Of Crafts (Handwerkskammer)

Long Service Medal For Heinrich Paulus  

                                                                                       Paying £70

Württemberg. A Service Honour Cross, First Class For 25 Years Of Service  

Paying £40 

Anhalt. An Alexander Carl Commemorative Medal  

 Paying £25

Hesse-Darmstadt, Landgraviate. A Ludwigsorder,

Grand Cross Star, By Schnitzpahn, C.1910  

 Paying £400

Germany. A Cross Of Honour Of The German Mother, First Class In Gold 

 Paying £30

Germany, RAD. A National Labour Service Leader’s

Service Belt Buckle, By F.W. Assmann & Söhne  

 Paying £80 

German, NSFK. A National Socialist Flyers Corps SA-Pattern Belt Buckle  

 Paying £40

Germany, SS. A First Pattern (1925-1935) SS Skull Cap Insignia 

 Paying £90

Germany, Luftwaffe. An Early Flak Artillery Badge  
£150 Paying   

Germany. A Case For A German Cross In Gold  

 Paying £20

Germany, Luftwaffe. A Ground Assault Badge, By Rudolf Karneth & Söhne  

 Paying £120 


Germany. A Short Range Day Fighter Flight Clasp, Bronze Grade By Juncker  

 Paying £120 

Germany, Federal Republic.

The Mounted Iron Cross 1939 Second Class, Alternative 1957 Version  

 Paying £40

Germany, Imperial. A 1913 Radio Prize Silver Medal  

 Paying £18 

Germany, Imperial. A 29th Infantry Regiment (3rd Rheinsches) Leutenant’s Epaulette Pair  
Paying £30

Westphalia. A Silver Bravery & Good Conduct Medal, C.1830  
Paying £90

Schaumburg-Lippe. A Princley Schaumburg-Lippe Houseorder, II Class In Gold, C.1900  

Saxe-Gotha/Altenburg Ernestine. An Ernestine House Order In Gold, Commander Cross, C.1900  
Paying £700

Waldeck, Dukedom.  Officer’s Cross With Swords, C.1914  

Schaumburg-Lippe. A Princley Schaumburg-Lippe Houseorder, Officer’s Cross In Gold, C.1910  


Item: EG3090

Saxe-Gotha/Altenburg Ernestine. An Ernestine House Order In Gold, Grand Cross, C.1900  
Paying £1800


Bavaria, Kingdom. A House Knight’s Order Of St. Hubertus, Grand Cross, By Martin Schnitzpahn, C.1833  
Paying £1850

Hesse-Darmstadt, Grand Duchy. An Order Of The Star Of Brabant, Dame Of The Honour Cross, C.1914  
Paying £950

Germany, Fire Police. A Hamburg Fire Protection Police Sleeve Patch  
Paying £15

Germany, Kriegsmarine. A Kriegsmarine (Navy) Officer’s Breast Eagle  
Paying £20  

Germany, Polizei. An Auxiliary Police (Polizei) NCO’s Shako By C. Pose, Berlin

Paying £200

Germany, Weimar. A Stahlhelm Nordsee (North Sea) Region Sleeve Patch  
Paying £20

Germany, Wehrmacht. A I. Class Iron Cross 1939, By C.F. Zimmermann  
Paying £90

Germany, Wehrmacht. A Wehrmacht Close Assault Clasp, In Bronze, By Funcke & Brüninghaus  
Paying £140


Germany, Heer. A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Infantry Assault Badge, Silver Grade, C. 1943  
Paying £35

  Germany, Luftwaffe. A Pilot’s Badge, Cloth Version
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Paying £40