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Government officials / Diplomatic Daggers

Government officials / Diplomatic Daggers

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Government officials / Diplomatic Daggers

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The Government Officials dagger came into being in March 1939. The principle manufacturers being Carl Eickhorn and Alcosso.  It was carried by officer level civil servants who were attached to Ministries and ranking staff of the foreign office.

 The dagger is almost identical in appearance to the Diplomatic dagger with only one exception. The beak of the eagle faces to the viewers left, whilst on the Diplomatic daggers the eagle’s beak points to the right.

 The bold hanging straps are of grey – blue brocade having velvet backing aluminium facings and grey – blue edge strips. The buckles are rectangular having oak leaf decoration.

 Officially a small sized silver knot is hung tied from the feral  above the cross guard .Standard Army knots are however frequently encountered.

 By 1942 production had ended .

 Edited By David Mattey

Government officials / Diplomatic Daggers


The prices below pre paid during 2013 for examples suitable for museum collections.

 1933 & 1936 SS daggers 

U.S.        $3500-$7000U.K.        £2500-£5000 

NSKK(National Socialist Motor Corps) daggers1933&1936 Daggers

U.S.         $500-$4000U.K.         £280-£3000

NPEA (National Political
Educational Institute) daggers

U.S.         $3600-$6900

U.K.         £2500-$4300

1933 SA (Storm Troops) daggers

U.S.         $280 -$750

U.K.          £250-£600 

Heer (German Army)
Officer daggers

U.S.         $280-$700

U.K.         £200-£600

DLV (German Air Sports Formation) Flyers Knives

U.S.         $700-$900

U.K.         £450-£650

NSFK (National Socialist Flying Corps) Flyers knives

U.S          $700-$900

U.K.        £450 -£650

Luftwaffe (German Airforce) daggers and Gravity Knives

U.S.         $300-$875

U.K.         $180-$675

German Navy daggers

U.S.         $300-$700

U.K.         £280-£800

RAD (Reichs Labor Service) daggers

U.S.       $600-$1100
U.K.     £480 – £1700

Official daggers

U.S.       $6000-$9000

U.K.     £4000- £6500 

Red Cross/Social/Welfare
Official daggers

U.S.     $400-$1200

U.K.     £300-£900 

German Fire Official daggers,Saw Back adds 30%

U.S.      $100 -$200U.K.       £75-£160

RLB (Reichs Air Protection Federation) daggers

U.S.     $1600-$2600

U.K.   £700 -£2000

TENO (Technical Emergency Corps) daggers

U.S.     $3400-$6000

U.K.    £2000 – £5000

German Custom Official daggers



U.K.     £1600-£7000

German Railway Official daggers

U.S.     $3500-$4500

U.K.     £2800-£4700

(Postal officials daggers)

U.S.      $4000-$6000

U.K.     £2200-£4000

Forestry, Hunting, and Rifle Association daggers

U.S.     $1200-$1800

U.K.     £700-£1200 

HJ (Hitler Youth)/DJ
(German Youth)

U.S.       $150-$550

U.K        £100-£325
£4000/$6000 for Leaders

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Market Assessment of German Dagger value trends observed during 2012-13

Dagger Type


Dagger Type


SA 1933 EM(Value Down)

U.S $550U.K£350

Teno EM Hewer(Value hovering)



Teno Officer +


SA Honor +




SA High Leader


Hunting Official -


SA Rohm EM -


Rifle Association


SA Rohm Chained


Hitler Youth Knife


feldenhaller +(Value Up)


Hitler Youth Leader


NSKK 1933 EM(Value Down)




NSKK 1936 Chained Dagger -


Land Customs +


NSK High Leader +


Sea Customs +


SS 33 EM Dagger+


Water Protection


SS 1936 Chained Dagger


Postal Protection +


SS High Leader -


Postal Leader


SS Honor +


NPEA student


Luftwaffe 1(Value Hovering)


NPEA Leader


Luftwaffe 2 -(Value Down)


NPEA Chained


Navy 1




Navy 2(Value Down)


RAD Leader -


Army Dagger -(Value Down)




Army Engraved Dagger +


DRK /Social Welfare Leader


DLV knife -


RLB EM 1st model


DLV/Luft1 transitional+


RLB EM 2nd model


NSFK knife


RLB Officer 1st model


NSFK Dagger


RLB Officer 2nd model


1st Railway-


Government Official


2nd Railway -


Diplomatic Officer


Fire Official



Regulation Diplomatic Dagger-Grips are Mother of Pearl-All metal on the handle and scabbard are very heavily plated brass.

Blade measures ten and three quarter inches. makers include Carl Eickhorn , W.K.C. Alcoso .