How does the German Dagger trade work ?

The first option people might think of is to list your German WW2 Dagger on EBAY . Listings of Third Reich items and weapons is not allowed on ebay . The more traditional rout that a German Dagger takes from a private seller to an investor is as follows.

A German Dagger that we describe as “Item A” would be sent off to an auction ( Many Traditional auctioneers do not accept anything Nazi now ) where is guaranteed to be sold on a set day irrespective of price .. The Dagger is “Knocked down ” to a buyer at the hammer price of say $1500 / £1000

after about one month the vendor with receive a payment of $1000/£750 .. Back on auction day the buyer paid the Hammer price of $1500 /£1000 plus an additional fee of $450/£300 .

“Item A” is much more likely to have been acquired by a dealer rather than an end user . “Item A ” will now probably be re offered on a specialist website .

The dealer’s asking price for “Item A ” is likely to be$4500/ £3000-$5500/£4000 and if they a patient they will find a collector or even another dealer who believes a greater price can be asked . How could the original seller achieved a better return than the $1000/£750?.

We live in an age where information is at everybody’s fingertips . Had the original seller taken time to research just what specialist websites were asking for items similar to “Item A ” then an email sent to a specialist might have resulted in on offer to buy directly.

Selling in a general auction is a democratic, transparent option favoured when dealing with diseased estates . Traditionally in less enlightened times the auction provided pleasant surprises. Given that generally people were not enlightened achieving a return of $1000/£750 for “Item A ” would have been welcome news .

Today it is better to first approach then sell to dedicated professionals. At German Dagger Dealers .com we rely entirely from buying directly from people like yourselves . The chances are that we have customers contacting us from abroad on any given day.

In the area of militaria we are well known in the collecting community. Please call if you wish to learn more about our services .