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The Best Prices for daggers?

The Best Prices for daggers?

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The Best Payer For German Daggers From Veterans Families ?

 German Daggers From Veterans Families

If You Are Offering For Sale Militaria Which Has Remained In Your Family Since 1945 We May Pay You 50% More Than You Were Expecting.

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We Have Supplied Museums In Europe Who Apply The Rules Of Archaeology To Their Exhibits.

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If A Visitor Looks At A German Dagger In A Display Case It Is Impressive.

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If The Same Model Of Dagger Is Displayed With An Accompanying Note Stating That It Was Picked Up Near The Battle Of The Bulge By Say A Member Of The Six Armoured  Then This Makes The Visitor’s Day More Memorable .

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Provenance Adds Value To Militaria.


Please If You Are Offering Items for Valuation State That It Was Acquired By A Veteran In Your Family This Will Positively Influence Our Offer.