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How Much Is a Nazi Dagger Worth ?

How Much Is a Nazi Dagger Worth ?

How Much Is a Nazi Dagger Worth ?


Broadly speaking Any Nazi Dagger In Good Condition has a minimum value of $500 =£300 .

Kriegsmarine Daggers

The most frequently encountered German WW2 Dagger are the .S.A .(Brown Shirts ) Dagger , The Second Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger followed closely by the The Heer or Army Dagger.

rlb second pattern officers

These are entry level daggers for the collector and range in price from $500- $1000 with the exception of those which are personalised or have Damascus blades.


Most German Daggers were produced in the town of Solingen .


Hundreds of different variations of maker marks (Trade marks can be found on the blades of Nazi daggers to include the RZM stamps on “Political Daggers” being Hitler youth Knives , S.A.and S.S. Shutzstaffel (Protection Squadron) Daggers.

EP&S - see Ernst Pack & Sohne

The Prices for standard 1933 pattern SS daggers range from $1500 -$6000 ..

ethical investment groups

Standard SA daggers $400-$700 providing the condition is good.. Exotic Daggers can command $60,000.