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N.P.E.A. Dagger

N.P.E.A. Dagger

A Good Example with rare correct chissled lettering and date

 Our Historic Museum style store displays an impressive stock of veteran acquired souvenirs.

puma dagger

 We are amongst the most popular of permanent destinations for museum buyers and collectors.

1938 Grip Eagle

We are sole buyers and suppliers to one museum in Normandy France.

pilots log book for sale

It seems fitting for items to return to the theater they were plucked from and put back on display.

2015 militaria events

Other customers include the most advanced collectors as well as a couple of approved ethical, academic web sites.

long dlv dagger

War trophies were returned from the western front by my Grandfather William(Bill) Mattey.

nazi badges ss valuation

These together with the full disability Pension earned by my father at Falaise in 1944 have fueled my interest.

m 38 para helmet

Whilst combat paraphernalia is unlikely to upset or offend. We unreservedly distance ourselves from the unregulated sale ofNazi artifacts and edged weapons online.

ww2 militaria

Sincerely David Mattey

N.P.E.A. Daggers

June 19, 2012

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