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Selling German war souvenirs

Selling German war souvenirs

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Reading this you will make you better placed to sell your Nazi Dagger or other German war Souvenirs .

These five golden rules should help you !

Selling a German war souvenirs

Selling a German war souvenirs

Rule 1)

Never attempt to sell German war souvenirs on EBAY. Such items as weapons and those with nazi symbols are forbidden and will be taken down .

Selling a German war souvenirs

Rule 2)

Never attempt to sell German War Souvenirs at Auction.

German Dagger Experts

Why? because most items go to the trade before finding a home in a collection, you will lose a significant percentage of the value in seller’s and Buyer’s commision this amounts to 46% lost in many cases …then if that is not bad enough you will wait for payment! 

Rule 3)

Ensure that the specialists you approach pay in advance and cover insured shipping costs ..(Using Paypal is one safe transaction  method)


Germa Militaria dealers Canada

Rule 4)

Avoid at all costs selling to an advertiser who claims to be a collector ..Such tactics muddy the waters ..

Museum Buyers

All you should be concerned about are that you are getting the best possible price and selling to a responsible buyer.

Deutsche Polizei

Deutsche Polizei

In the case of knives and overtly Nazi items avoid selling to adolescents or right wing extremists . Effective advertising is an expensive commercial necessity. Business is business! collecting is collecting!  .  


Rule 5)

Conduct some E-research and learn what specialists are asking for identical items .

militaria valuation

 You may never receive the listed prices seen on specialist websites but they provide a guide ..

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A dealer offering an item for sale at say one thousand is likely to accept an offer of nine hundred ..

The German Iron Cross

A seller should expect around 60%-70% Of the ticket price. In short if you see an item for sale at $1000 you should be prepared for offers of $600 or $700..

NAZI items And All Weapons

I hope the above makes perfect sense.

A signed copy of Mein Kampf goes for around $31,000

A signed copy of Mein Kampf goes for around

With less contentious items the forces of the free market come into play. Remember Nazi items are best sold through ethical dealers .. Offering Nazi items in other circumstances may cause offence or lead to fines and convescation in some places.