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German military antiques

German military antiques

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           Reichswehr –
The Armed Forces 1918-1935
The inter-war years preceding the rise of the
Wehrmacht was a troubled one for Germany
as there were few funds to support a large
national military force.  Read about World War I
model Swords and how they were
used during these difficult times.

Reichswehr -


Heer –

The German Army 1935-1945 
As the largest fighting branch of the Wehrmacht,
the German Army (Heer) Had more swords
than any other arm-of-service. 
Read about the various makerrs and models
that were used and how war brought
about a change in materials employed in construction.



Kriegsmarine –

The German Navy 1935-1945
Although small compared to Allied navies,
the Kriegsmarine operated not only on
the sea but also on the land.  Read about
the patterns of dagger that were used by naval
           Officers from coastal artillery units to those
who served onboard Germany’s famous ships.




Luftwaffe –
The German Air Force 1935-1945 
Under the leadership of Hermann Göring,
a fledgling German Air Force rose from a
convoluted group of political and aviation
organizations to eventually command the skies over Europe. 
Read about the Sword and Dagger Patterns that were worn by
Luftwaffe personnel both on the ground and in the air.




Schutzstaffeln –
Units of the SS 1934-1945
The fighting arm of Hitler’s SS rose to
power from a group of highly trained body guards
serving the Führer.  Read about the Daggers
worn by the early Allegemeine-SS and the elite Waffen-SS. 




Deutsche Polizei –
Police Units 1933-1945
On the home front and in the battle zones,
German police units wore a wide Stag Gripped Bayonets
  Read about the Officer And NCO swords they used in locations
such as cities, rural areas, and the Russian Front.

Deutsche Polizei

Deutsche Polizei


Freiwillige –
Foreign Volunteers 1939-1945
More than 2 Million foreign nationals volunteered
for service with the Wehrmacht and the
Waffen-SS during World War II.
  Read about the Weapons they wore
and the insignia they used to denote
their unique status among combat troops.



Politische Gruppen –
Political Groups

Examine the history behind the arms
worn by non-military organizations such as the SA and DAF
that maintained special protection units that
closely paralleled those of the German Police.

Politische Gruppen

Politische Gruppen

Wehrmachtsgefolge –
Auxiliary Organizations

Many organizations that supported the Wehrmacht
also wore protective helmets. 
Examine the various dagger
used by the NSKK, Org.Todt, RAD, RLB, and many others. 




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           This website seeks to serve a wide spectrum of interests
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Since Our inception, German Swords Wanted
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World War II German Swords And Daggers.
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