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Multi Gallantry Award Knights Cross Grouping to Leutnant Artur Tiefensee


Occasionally we at WW2

find something special and exciting

The following purchase came

about as a result of ten year long friendship and trading relationship with a Coldstream enthusiast guards collector.

knights cross group surfaces

The gentleman who lives in Bremen got to hear from family friends  that they were to sell Father’s Knights cross grouping.


What followed was unexpected as described by Simon Lannoy 

knights cross prices

A quite incredible multi gallantry Knights Cross group, obtained  from the family of Oberleutnant Artur Tiefensee, 7/ Grenadier Regiment 43, 1st Infantry Division.
Awarded in August 1944 as a result of his actions in keeping a large number of Russian at bay, during which he sustained injuries resulting in the amputation of his right arm along with severe injuries to both legs, his Knights Cross forms the pinnacle of the group. Of significance is that the ribbon is fitted with a one piece elastic strap in contrast to the two piece strap with hook and ring. This made it possible for the one armed officer to dress himself with his decoration.


original knights cross
Remarkably when Oberleutnant Tiefensee recovered from his injuries the now one armed warier returned to the front! and surviving the war having fled from east Prussia . He and his Family settled in Bremen.

Arther passed away in 2000

The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross 1939 is by Steinhauer & Luck, A-Type Micro 800, with magnetic core, frosted silver frame marked 800 on reverse top arm. Exhibiting the manufacturing characteristics and die flaws of a Steinhauer & Luck for the year of issue it is a textbook A-Type produced during Third Reich and known among collectors as “micro 800” version. Cross measures 48.22mm x 48.05mm, weight of approximately 34 grams, loop length of 19.88mm, wire diameter of 1.48mm and marked 800; with elasticated KK2? Ribbon, lightly worn, in good condition.

Also included is his Deschler German Cross in Gold awarded in 1942. There is damage and loss to the enamel at the center of the Swastika but it is very interesting to note that a dark mark between the top two legs is visible in the copy of this and other period photographs of him wearing it the shattered enamel could well have occurred at the time of his injuries.  His decorations also include his Iron Cross First Class, a button hole miniature Knights Cross and Ribbon, along with an Adolf Hitler visiting card, his Identity Disk showing his blood group and regiment and two lapel pins showing his membership of Ordensgemeinschaft der Ritterkreuztrager.

On the occasion of his 70th Birthday he attended a venue hosted by members of the O.d.R where he was presented with a commemorative iron plate by Knights Cross winner Oberst Hans Michaelis, a photograph of whom is included, along with the iron plate.

Also included is copy of the O.d.R magazine with an article on Tiefensee and the 1981 presentation, a photocopy of Ostpreussisches Tageblatt from September 1944 which gives full details on his Knights Cross Citation and copies of his birth and death certificate.
Finally and most importantly, the grouping is accompanied by a signed and witnessed letter of authenticity by Klaus Tiefensee, Artur Tifensee’s son.

Post Script

When the grouping was featured on the Whermacht Awards Forum it was spotted by Tom a prolific contributor who posted the comments below.

Today, 07:48 PM


Tom B



Beautiful grouping, and 100% belonged to said owner…..I knew him very well and saw these very items often. Tom