German Dagger Buyers are engaged in the acquisition preservation,and supply of authentic military artefacts .

authentic military artefacts

Our vast  image achieve of copyright free material is available for scholars at no cost.  If as we claim we are happy to pay above the notional market value for militaria why might you ask do we not simply buy from dealers ?

The answer is simple.


Valuation of Forestry, Hunting, Shooting Cutlasses

Valuation of Forestry, Hunting, Shooting Cutlasses

Our customers pay us a little more for our guaranteed 

authentic military artefacts 

knowing that they are in their original found state.

authentic military artefacts

We are discerning and particular about all aspects of the authentic military artefacts  for good reason .

Carl Eickhorn solingen

Mehr sein als scheinen

Our Customers Are Important To Us!

                                            Daggers Wanted By Carl Heidelberg

We regularly assist in the building of

Daggers Wanted By Carl Heidelberg

who’s authentic military artefacts

will be held up as authentic for thousands of years to come. .

 Our passion in authentic military artefacts

was fostered by exposure to films and 

documentaries and talking to the generation who served in WWII.  

Daggers Wanted By Carl Heidelberg

Over the last ten  have sourced and procured authentic military artefacts to include hundreds of daggers, swords, medals, helmets, armbands, flags, field gear, literature, photo albums, deactivated firearms, belts & buckles  .

selling a collection of militaria

Many images of authentic military artefacts  are featured on our website overlaid with prices in dollars or U.K. pounds.

Daggers Wanted By Carl Heidelberg

we want customers to know roughly what to expect rather than face the uncomfortable situation of  not knowing

what kind of buyers they will be dealing with.

 Other authentic military artefacts   are generally obtained from the sons and daughters of WWII Soldiers .

Third Reich Militaria

Collectors looking for an all round deal rather than selling potentially hundreds of items individually will be encouraged to know that we will pay their trade asking price for authentic military artefacts directly without fail.