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german dagger prices

The title Buyers of history perhaps sounds a little grand . So what can we possible mean ?. The badges ,medals , daggers ,caps and uniforms bought home after WW2 have a market value which can easily be ascertained by searching the net.. As buyers of history we are paying the sum of the market value of your family artefacts plus the known history which accompanies them .. How does this work ? Say for example you find a box in the basement which contains an army dagger and iron cross second class and some photographs ..  With such a grouping a museum might exhibit these items together with a caption stating that they were liberated by Seargent _________ of the _____Unit whilst serving in Europe during 1944-45 …. So along with a physical description of the dagger etc an historic context is provided. Please contact davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com for an immediate appraisal of your families relics .. If you wish to sell we will provide immediate payment via “Paypal” and cover all shipping and fees.