German Dagger Buyers In Australia.


Australian daggers

Over the last ten years German dagger buyers have purchased WW2 German daggers in many parts of Australia.

Militaria Specialists

Having acquired the daggers we have then   imported them back into the U.K.

Karl Burgsmuller

. In 2017 we decided to appoint regional representatives in South Australia.


In January 2018 working with established “Militaria” specialists we appointed representatives in Western Ausralia .

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Now we are able to offer the correct market value for Solingen made daggers.


and all other German war memorabilia sourced in Austraila.

coastal artillery cammo helmet

This makes the process of achieving top prices lass daunting .

dealers in medals Australia

Local representatives who are instructed to buy on our behalf have increased our buying in Australia noticeably.

These RZM code refer to a SS contract numbers

So if you are looking for an offer/free valuation for any WW2 German Items contact us and include the word Australia iin the title. 

the hunt for German