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 We Are Engaged In The Acquisition Of  Museum Worthy Exhibits.

We Currently  Supply Museums , Academic Collectors , And Ethical Investment Groups.

By Dealing With Dedicated Professionals Your Items Are Destined To Form Part Of Balanced Educational Displays.

We Distance Ourselves Unreservedly From The Unregulated Online Trade

In Nazi Memorabilia.

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Whilst Our Business Is Commercial 

Our Interest Is Solely In Preserving History.

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That  People From All  Cultures,  Religions And Orientations Should Practise Tolerance Towards One Another . Humanity Must Learn To Coexist .

The Study Of History From All Periods Is Enhanced By The Existence Of Artifacts.

Genuine Third Reich Artifacts Are Evidence Of The Darkest of  Era’s, One Which Must Never Be Allowed To Return, Education Is ,We believe  Key To This Process.

The Responsible Collectors

Of The 21st Century Are Custodians Of Artifacts Which In Time Will Form Part Of  Public Museums Of The Future.

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German dagger.


Kriegsmarine Daggers By P.D. LUNESCHLOSS, SOLINGEN trade mark in double oval with stylized sword, swastika pommel and fouled anchor cross guard.  Plated double-etched blades,having  fouled anchor or sailing ship motifs . Gilded brass lightning pattern or hammered scabbards Paying $1000 for good examples;

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Militaria New Hampshire?

A  website providing Free expert valuations,

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dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of Imperial and Third Reich German Dress Daggers and associated Militaria.

TO SELL MILITARIA TELEPHONE DAY OR NIGHT! U.K. 01903-884602 U.S.A.+447860747027

We provide pictures of Militaria with corresponding information and prices to assist people in evaluating items at a glance.Nazi daggers frequently have a Motto etched onto the blade.  “Mehr sein als scheinen” is the motto seen on the super rare N.P.E.A Daggers. Meine Ehre heißt Treue is the motto on the highly collectable SS Daggers. For Hitlers Street Army The S.A. “ulles fur deutschland” runs down the obverse of the blade .

Ethical Militaria

The site has no affiliations with any organization,

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other than those connected with this historical study.

German dagger

We do not support the open sale of knives or Nazi material over the net and distance ourselves from those who might.

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German Daggers range in value from around $300 for a relic example of one of the more common examples,

ss enlisted mans dagger

to around $100,000 for the rarest S.A. Guards Feldherenhallhaler .

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