How To Sell German Daggers  For The Correct Price?.

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Traditionally when dissolving a collection or selling off a surplus item you might would visit your local militaria show.

 militaria shop

German Dagger and Militaria Dealers with specialist knowledge in various areas might be given the opportunity of making offers resulting in the opportunity for the collector to sell.

Today the German Dagger collector has access to prices via the internet so questions regarding the sale of militaria can be asked and answers found.

Who is best approached when selling a German Dagger or militaria collection. A German sword buyer a Dealer of collector? Surprisingly selling to a dealer is the best option when wishing sell any collection in one go.

Dealers have the capital (cash) at hand to purchase everything in one hit in most cases.

Collectors might pay a little more for individual items but they will not buy anything which represents a duplication. In buying a duplication that a collector will later wish to move on they become by definition a dealer.

  If you decide to sell your German Dagger or Militaria collection to dealer they will have customers in mind for all areas of your collection .

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How do you choose the  Militaria Dealer or German sword Buyer to approach ?

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Dealers have their own strengths and weaknesses if your collection is centred around a German Navy dagger Collection then it is better to approach a dealer who majors in that field. If you collections includes helmets,badges ,or whatever the same advice applies.

It is worth knowing that many German Daggers and othe Militaria items advertised online are not always the property of the website owner .

A website’s offerings may include items sold to collectors previously who now wish to “cash up” their militaria  or German Dagger investments.

Some Crazy high prices seen on websites must be interpreted.

A German dagger or helmet offered for sale at say one thousand might in reality only have a market value of six hundred . Firstly the thousand asking price might be an optimistic marker for the trader who is happy and quite prepared  accept an offer of Nine Hundred.

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If to are expecting to achieve more that sixty per cent of the prices you have seen comparable items listed for sale on line then you will require more than a little luck.

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The militaria dealers profit is earned by firstly investing his or her money in the purchase of your collection.


Free Valuation of German Swords & Sabers

Free Valuation of German Swords & Sabers

The amount of time the militaria dealer has his money invested for is the next consideration.

The worth of the customer base (clientele)  of the dealer is impossible to evaluated.  If he is absolutely reputable  his collectors will buy at a frenzied rate for top prices.

If the dealer you approach is under capitalised he will have to sell quickly and be reluctant to pay the best prices.

If the dealer you approach is overcapitalised then he may well look down his nose on your collection claiming that he or she has a number of identical examples of such items already in stock. Perhaps you might consider approaching a traditional militaria store ? Shop keepers must maintain a level of stock for their loyal clientele.

Shopkeepers will be more receptive to selling the more obscure elements something new brightens up a militaria shop.