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Selling militaria at auction has been just about the only option open to private sellers for hundreds of years .. 

NAZI items And All Weapons

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 Never sell militaria collections at auction!

Auctions were the way to sell before

the new age of internet enlightenment. 

KRIM 1941-1942

Today it is simply to research prices on line,

If you cannot be bothered we will do it for you free of charge and supply links to our findings .

historic objects

The mystery surrounding items of value has vanished . Auctioneers Grab 50% of your items value by cunningly charging both the buyer and seller for the sale of every item.

Aldolf Volker, Schmalkalden

Aldolf Volker, Schmalkalden

The Vendors commission multiplied by the “Buyers Premium ” now equates to a staggering 50% ..

Glider Piilots

At germandaggerbuyers.com we have access to thousands of investors and mature collectors world wide .

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Never sell militaria collections at auction .

Meine Ehre heißt Treue Dagger

Meine Ehre heißt Treue Dagger

Why ? Most items go to traders before filtering through to dedicated professionals, so your margin is further reduced. Auctions who accept your reserve prices may stand zero chance of obtaining them. A proportion of what you have offered will be coming home or worse still re -offered in a general sale without reserve.


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Here at www.germandaggerbuyers.com we buy all manner of military collectables from all conflicts and nationalities.  So if you have a varied collection which includes bayonets,Daggers, swords, flintlock guns ,flags, badges, medals, ww2 souvenirs, antique guns .  please contact us for some free advice and appraisal .

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Obtain our opinion/offer/free valuation.

Simply fill in the form or email-      davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com