Militaria Auctioneers

Militaria Auctioneers,

Third Reich Militaria

Militaria Auctioneers take the hard work out of selling militaria collections or individual items.

Militaria Auctioneers

By cataloguing your items and offering them up for auction the hope is that Militaria Auctioneers will achieve the correct market prices and you will just have wait for a cheque to arrive, job done?.


Carl Eickhorn solingen

Mehr sein als scheinen

In Fact what is less publicised is the enormous slice of the pie taken by Militaria auctioneers for this service?.

Third Reich antiquities

If  buyer pays

£/$ 10.000 for items sold the you the

unsuspecting vendor may only receive £5/$5,000?

50% Only Of The Total Of What Is Being Paid ???


Further more you may be charged additionally for photographs.

At WW2 We Pay you 100% Of Recorded Auction Results (Hammer Price) For WW2 Helmets ,Medals And Most Other Militaria.

Kriegsmarine Daggers

Typically If The Seller Is Charged 15% Of The “Hammer Price plus VAT . The Cost Of A Photograph Is Say £11 plus VAT And The Buyers Are Charges 28%” Buyers Premium” plus VAT .

Militaria Auctioneers

You The Seller Are Loosing Half The Value Of Your Property.

specialist militaria auctioneers

YES 50% Is Wiped Off What the buyer is paying . You Might Be Better Served Selling Directly To Us Rather Than Being Fleeced By The Traditional Middle Men.

I Hope This Helps You Understand Why Militaria Auctioneers Are Only Of Real Service To The Deceased. If You Have A Pulse And A Mind Of Your Own ,Conduct Your Own Research Then Offer your Collection  Directly To Dedicated Professionals Rather Than Militaria Auctioneers.