If you are wishing to sell family militaria, researching prices is advisable .Relying on the generosity of a random buyer is an unnecessary gamble.

At German Dagger Buyers we are willing to provide valuations at zero charge or tell you if we believe you have already been offered the correct market valuation from another party.

To obtain a guide to the value of any item of Militaria it is better to examine and identify what you have ..

If you believe you have a German medal then use German medal as a search term and select images from your search engine .. From the array of results received you should be able to identify what you have . Now try entering the resulting description for example ” Russian Front Medal ” together with the word price .. You should learn at a glance what prices specialists are asking for Russian front Medals … Any specialist worth his reputation will pay 75% of what he predicts he can sell an item for. In cases where rare things are being sold the seller can expect up to 95% of the estimated selling price ..