When faced with the daunting task of selling Family treasures or a cherished collection one obvious choice is to contact a local auctioneer . You should be warned that you will only receive 50% of what the buyer pays at auction. Perhaps a better option is to allow us to research the items you propose selling ? By establishing what prices have been achieved for similar items in the past we equal or better recorded prices without your being robbed in unnecessary charges . Here is a great example of what you can expect from us . 100% of the recorded value rather than the 50% Auctioneers provide .. What is in it for us ? That is easy we are high street retailers and museum suppliers . We have an appetite for fresh goods to be supplied to our growing number of History buyers. Call Today on +447860747027 Or Email davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com


If you are considering approaching an auctioneers to sell militaria here are some important things to consider .. Auctioneers act as the agent between buyer and seller and take a significant slice of the pie (Commission) from both parties .Most items of militaria are not unique so it is quite possible to enter a search on your computer to find the Retail asking price for an identical or very similar item of War memorabilia . The question now is .”Do I really need to sacrifice 50% (The sum of both commissions in most cases ) to an auctioneers who is going to sell to somebody I can easily find online?. Already from what I have covered I hope you are now considering following a few basic steps towards directly marketing your family militaria .. Deceased estates require items to be sold at auction ..If you are alive and have been able to make contact with German Dagger Buyers you will be able to achieve the correct market value for what you have .

Four steps for obtaining the correct market value of your Militaria ..Step One ) Send a message to us at German Dagger Buyers.com containing a group image of what you have and your email address.. adding the word (Valuation/Offers) Step2) Repeat the process sending the same message to a couple of buyers chosen through the internet or shops . Step 3) Once you have satisfied yourself that you have been offered the correct price .accept the offer. Step 4 initiate the transaction once money shows to have been lodged in “Paypal” of whatever arrangement you opt for dispatch the items . By using this very obvious technique you will have avoided the losses assoviated with selling at auction.