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Arundel Militaria

, Have you built up a collection of WW2 and other “Militaria” ?.

If so have you ever considered just how you might go about selling it for the correct price?.

In any collection of say 10-1000 items I hope explain just how to maximise the prices you achieve irrespective of magnitude .

Firstly I will offer my thoughts on selling to a dealer verses selling to a collector .

If you sell to a dedicated professional militaria dealer they will have a clientele which includes collectors,investors and other specialist traders .

A reputable dealer can pay close to retail prices for certain items which he has customers waiting for, but naturally he will expect to make a profit importantly you can stipulate to a professional that you wish to sell everything .

Selling to collectors is in theory better because one would imagine that they will be willing to pay more. Collectors are more likely to simply “Cherry pick” (Select the rarest items ) as they will not wish to duplicate what they already have in their collection .Cherry Picking will lower the appeal of the remaining collection as what is left behind is likely to be easily obtained or dull items .